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Who We Are


We are a biomedical research team at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute and Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.


Between 2001-2021, our group was continuously supported by a grant from the National Cancer Institute.  



What We Do


We study the biology of normal mammary gland development and breast cancer. In addition, we examine the genetic alterations that drive pancreatic carcinogenesis.


We develop novel genetically engineered models to study biological processes in vivo.

Contact Us


For more information about what we do, to join our team, or to financially support our research

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October 10, 2023:

For the academic year 2023-2024, Rayane is a recipient of the prestigious predoctoral fellowship in cancer research from the DeRoy Testamentary Foundation.


Areas of Expertise

Mammary Gland Development

Breast Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer

​Cytokine Signaling

Genome Engineering

​In Vivo Cancer Progression Models

​Tumor Cell Dormancy​

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