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Cancers 15 (23): 5605

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iScience 26 (4): 106320


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Shin, H; D. Park; J. Kim; M.Y. Nam; S. Kwon; D.E. Um; J.E. Oh; E. Youn; Y.H. Shim; K.-U. Wagner; J.H. Jun; H.R. Kim; H. Song; H.J. Lim (2022): Peripubertal requirement of Tsg101 in maintaining the integrity of membranous structures in mouse oocytes. 
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Communications Biology 5 (1): 132

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Rädler, P.D.; K. Vistisen; A.A. Triplett; R. Dennaoui; Y. Li; H. Shrestha; R.-M. Ferraiuolo; A. Thangasamy; D. Saur and K.-U. Wagner (2021): Dual recombinase action in the normal and neoplastic mammary gland epithelium. 
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Science Advances 7 (38): e8145

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Nature Communications 12: 3742

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Cancers 3 (11): 2777

Le, D.; S. Lim; K.W. Min; J.W. Park; Y. Kim: T. Ha; K.H. Moon; K.-U. Wagner and J.W. Kim (2021): Tsg101 is necessary for the establishment and maintenance of mouse retinal pigment epithelial cell polarity.

Mol. Cells 44 (3): 168-178

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Mertelmeyer, S.; M. Weider; T. Baroti; S. Reiprich; F. Fröb; C.C. Stolt; K.-U. Wagner and M. Wegner (2020): The transcription factor Sox10 is an essential determinant of branching morphogenesis and involution in the mouse mammary gland.
Sci. Rep. 10 (1): 17807


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Cancers 12 (2): e450


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Sci. Rep. 10 (1): 207

Tarang, S.; U. Pyakurel; M.D. Weston; S. Vijayakumar; T. Jones, K.-U. Wagner and S. Rocha-Sanchez (2020): Spatiotemporally controlled overexpression of Cyclin D1 triggers generation of supernumerary cells in the postnatal mouse inner ear.

Hearing Research 390: 107951

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Cancer Med. 7 (2): 445-453

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Rädler, P.D.; B.L. Wehde and K.-U. Wagner (2017): Crosstalk between STAT5 activation and PI3K/AKT functions in normal and transformed mammary epithelial cells.

Mol. Cell. Endocrinol. 451: 31-39


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Sci. Rep. 7 (1): e7653


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JCI Insight. 2 (14): e93735


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J. Biol. Chem. 292 (9): 3789-3799


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Mukhopadhyay, C.; A.A. Triplett; T. Bargar; C. Heckman; K.-U. Wagner and M. Naramura (2016): Casitas B-cell lymphoma (Cbl) proteins protect mammary epithelial cells from proteotoxicity of active c-Src accumulation.

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 113 (51): E8228-E8237

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Sci. Rep. 6:34719

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Mol. Cell. Biol. 36 (11): 1673-1690


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Gan, X.T.; V. Rajapurohitam ; J. Xue; C. Huang; S. Bairwa; X. Tang; J.T. Chow; M.F. Liu; F. Chiu; K. Sakamoto; K.-U. Wagner and M. Karmazyn (2015): Myocardial Hypertrophic Remodeling and Impaired Left Ventricular Function in Mice with a Cardiac-Specific Deletion of Janus Kinase 2.

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Nordstrom, S.M.; J.L. Tran; B.C. Sos; K.-U. Wagner and E.J. Weiss (2013): Disruption of JAK2 in adipocytes impairs Lipolysis and Improves Fatty Liver in Mice With Elevated GH. 

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