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Our publication in Cancer Research by Lin et al. "Dormant cancer cells contribute to residual disease in a mouse model for reversible pancreatic cancer" was recommended in April of 2013 in F1000Prime.


“UNMC breast cancer researcher pushes science forward with his research”, interview with KIOS 91.5FM, February 20, 2012


“Dr. Wagner-led study yields novel breast cancer finding” UNMC News, January 24, 2012


“Cyclin D3 compensates for the loss of Cyclin D1 during ErbB2-induced mammary tumor initiation and progression.”MMHCC Newsletter, December 2011

This publication has been selected and evaluated by J Alan Diehl, a Member of the Faculty of 1000 (F1000), which places this work in F1000 library of the top 2% of published articles in biology and medicine.


“New ‘Knock-Out’ Gene Model Provides Molecular Clues to Breast Cancer” MMHCC Newsletter, October 2007


"Mammary Gland Cells Formed During Maternity Have Stem Cell Properties" NCI News Release, Dec. 6, 2004 [PDF]


"Parity-induced mammary epithelial cells promote tumor growth in transgenic mice" Health & Medicine Week, November 22, 2004, page 142 (Health & Medicine Week and Cancer Weekly via NewsRx.com ) [HTML]


"TSG101: An Antiviral Target with a Murky Past" in The Scientist 18[1]:24, Jan. 19, 2004 [PDF]


"A Pregnancy-Induced Stem Cell: Is it the clue to pregnancy's anti-cancer effects?" in the Press Book of the 42ND ANNUAL MEETING of THE AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR CELL BIOLOGY, December 14-18, 2002 [PDF]


"Refining Transgenic Mice: Emerging technologies allow researchers to make tissue- and developmental stage-specific knockouts" in The Scientist 16[13]:34, Jun. 24, 2002 [HTML]


"NIH Animal Model Uncovers a Role of BRCA1-Associated Breast Tumor Formation" NIDDK News Release [HTML]


"Branching out with BRCA1" in Nature Genetics 22: 10, May 1,1999 [PDF]


"New Model for Hereditary Breast Cancer" in Science 284: 723-725, Issue of 30 Apr 1999 [HTML]


"Research Shows Role of a Gene In Breast Cancer" in The Wall Street Journal, 04/30/1999 [HTML]


"Gene May Hold Cancer Clues" in Newsday, 04/30/1999 ppA32 [HTML


"Wie erblicher Brustkrebs entsteht (German)" in a Press Release of the German Research Foundation (DFG), 04/30/1999, and in Informationsdienst Wissenschaft, 04/30/1999 [HTML] [HTML2


"The Origins Of Hereditary Breast Cancer - Studies With Knock-Out Mice Reveal Underlying Mechanisms" inEurekAlert!, 04/30/1999 [HTML]


"Offenbar wirkt das intakte Gen wie ein Tumorsuppressor-Gen: So trägt BRCA1 zum Entstehen von Brustkrebs bei (German)" in ÄrzteZeitung, 8.6.1999 [HTML]


"Oxytocin and Mammary Gland Development" Newsletter of the UK Genetical Society, No. 36, May 1998 [HTML]

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